Have you ever thought about creating a whole new entrance to your property and would like to add a little extra space for storage reasons, if the answer is yes then why not consider a porch. A porch can be extremely affordable, efficient, secure and simple but yet a great asset to your home. They are ideal for storing shoes, coats, umbrellas and even pushchairs. You might even have an old porch that you would like replacing.

Choosing what style front porch you would like can be important as it gives the first impressions that people make about your home. We at Diamond Glaze can ensure you that we will listen to your ideas and give you any advice needed and then your porch will be individually built for you just how you would like it. With so many styles of porches to choose from, you can make a welcoming statement, a very bold one or just simply choose a style to show the elegant beauty of your home.

The one thing you do have to consider before having a porch built is planning permission. There are many rules and guidelines but we can help you to understand what these are and send you in the right direction if planning permission is needed.

If the porch you are having built does not exceed three square metres (when measured externally), would be no higher than three metres and would be located no closer than two metres from any boundary or road, then planning permission would not be required.

Porch Door