How long will it take to have new replacement windows fitted ?

Once all your windows have been ordered, it can normally takes 4-5 days to fit them. This would be for about 8 windows.

Do your doors come in different styles and colours ?

Yes, we have a wide range of doors that come in many styles and colours, if you would like to take a look at our website, you can see the 14 different designs of doors that we supply and fit.

Do you have a price list as I want to know how much your services and products cost?

If you would like to give us a call, we can arrange a suitable time for us to come and see you and then we can discuss what you have in mind and will be able to give you a price for what you need.

Do I get any guarantees with your windows and doors ?

All our windows and doors come with a 10 year guarantee, all locks, door handles and window units come with a 5 year guarantee.

I have heard that some companies use sub-contractors, is this the same for your company?

No, this is not the same for our company. We will carry out all the work ourselves from start to finish.

How secure are you composite doors ?

All our doors are highly secure. They utilise the high security Avantis lock as standard. We do offer other security upgrade if you would prefer this. All our door handles have the police preferred specification logo engraved onto them acting as a visual deterrent to burglars.

Do you have a choice of different conservatories?

Yes we do have a wide range of conservatories to choose from. We have the Victorian conservatory which is ideal for any type of house or there is the P-shaped conservatory ideal for larger detached properties among others to choose from. So depending on what you would like, I am sure we will find you the perfect conservatory that will suit your home. Please call us for more information.

What are the rules for planning permission when it comes to having a porch built ?

If the porch you are having built does not exceed three square metres (when measured externally), would be no higher than three metres and would be located no closer than two metres from any boundary or road, then planning permission would not be required. Anything bigger may need planning permission.

I can not see through my windows properly due to condensation, can you help me with this?

Yes of course we can. Condensation can be a common problem and it can occur when water vapour comes into contact with a cold surface. We can solve this problem by replacing your old unit with a new double glazed pane, which will then be fitted into your existing frame.

I sometimes have trouble closing my door, is this a problem you can help me with ?

Depending on the weather, UPVc doors are prone to swell, we can rectify this and have your door working again just by adjusting the door on its hinges.

What are the benefits to having replacement windows and doors ?

There are many benefits to having new replacement windows and doors.


  • Noise reduction
  • Increased security
  • Heat retention
  • Reduced heating bills
  • Energy efficient

What is PVCu ?

PVC stands for polyvinyl chloride, the U stands for un-plastizied. It is the cheapest option of all double glazing materials but also the most efficient.

Both our front and back door need changing but we can not afford a lot.

We do have a full range of doors from budget to premium quality composite doors. Why not give us a call and we can discuss with you what you can afford to spend and show you what type of doors we have to offer with the budget you have.

What happens to all our old windows and doors after our new one have been fitted ?

We will dispose of all your old windows and doors leaving you with no mess to contend with once we have finished.

What happens if we have any problems with our windows or doors?

Contact us as soon as possible and we will come round and rectify any problems you are having with your windows or doors.

Do your windows have the tilt in design?

Yes some of our windows have this tilt in design making it easier for you to clean your windows from inside your house.

Do your PVCu windows come in any other colour than white?

Yes we do have a small range of colours for you to choose from. Why not contact us and we can give you more details about what colours you can go for.

Do we supply you with lunch when you are working at our house ?

No, we supply our own lunch but a cup of tea every now and then will be greatly appreciated.

We live near a busy road, will your windows help to keep the noise out.

Yes, our window units not only provide weather insulation, but will also insulate you against noise pollution.