Composite Doors

We at Diamond Glaze have a wide range of stylish composite doors which will impress any visitor to your home.  They give any property a real ‘kerbside’ appeal and are also very secure.

Composite simply means that the door is constructed of various materials, but the most notable feature of a composite door is the use of GRP, Glass Reinforced Plastic, which can be of any colour.

This external appearance is highly durable and does not easily discolour or fade.  The other components of our doors are consisitent with the high quality products that we supply and fit.

Our doors utilise the high security Avantis lock as standard. We do offer other security upgrade if you would prefer this. All our door handles have the police preferred specification logo engraved onto them acting as a visual deterrent to burglars. Some of our doors come with ‘Slam Lock’ technology whereby they are secure in 3 places automatically without using a key to lock the door.